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Conference Theme

The theme for ILMUNC India this year will be Closer Together or Further Apart: Nationalism in a Flattening World. As technology and innovation connect our world like never before, and political forces argue for tightened borders and heightened tariffs, it has never been more critical that we understand the confluence of globalization and nationalism. These two opposing forces will dictate much of how this next century operates – understand them, and we may be able to use them as forces for good. Fail to do so, and they may overwhelm everything and drive nations into war and chaos.

Mission Statement

ILMUNC India serves as a platform for students from all around the world to discuss, debate and find solution for some of the most pressing issues that the world faces today. Our committees focus on a wide range of topics, from economic issues, to humanitarian problems, to security threats, and even simulate futuristic committees. The goal of ILMUNC India is to encourage progress in society and inspire constructive solutions amongst students who will shape our future. We strive to simulate discussions in a realistic environment to ensure that our delegates understand the complexities of international affairs and the workings of entities such as the United Nations. With some of the most experienced staffers in the world, we at ILMUNC India strive to bring our delegates an intellectually enriching, culturally engaging, and personally enthralling experience through an extremely unique platform.
Pillars of ILMUNC India
Continuing a Tradition
The Ivy League Model United Nations Conference India will uphold the University of Pennsylvania International Affairs Association’s tradition of hosting the largest and most prestigious Model United Nations simulations in the world. Conferences such as ILMUNC Philadelphia and UPMUNC together have celebrated over 75 years of success in hosting Model United Nations Conferences. With over 5000 delegates per year and representation from numerous countries around the world, ILMUNC and UPMUNC have raised the bar for MUN substantively, technologically, and organizationally to be recognized as the Championship Conferences in their respective segments. We are bringing this same championship experience to India through ILMUNC India 2017.
Passion Drives Success
At the heart of ILMUNC India lies our exceptional staff. These leaders are driven by a passion for Model United Nations and dedication towards making every delegate’s experience exemplary. With Chairs and Directors that have built one of the best Model United Nations teams in the world, to a Secretariat that works tirelessly to make their exciting vision for the conference a reality, it is this passion of our staff and delegates that reverberates through ILMUNC India and drives the success of the conference year after year.
Innovation and Ideation
ILMUNC India strives to push the boundaries of Model United Nations conferences through continuous innovation and ideation. This year’s conference will feature innovative dynamic background guides to ensure continuous delegate engagement before and during the conference. At ILMUNC India we believe in exploring every possible path to improving the conference experience for our delegates.
Substantive Excellence
Substantive debate is vital to any successful conference. ILMUNC India strictly believes in providing only the best substantive material to our delegates. Our staff work tirelessly to write the most comprehensive and detailed background guides to provide our delegates with the most informational, interesting and up-to-date research material. Our hope is that every delegate obtains a deeper understanding of how our world is interconnected, develops and furthers public speaking and leadership skills, and most importantly, makes new friends and has an enjoyable experience. ILMUNC India’s committee offerings — from the hallmark General Assembly committees to the more fast-paced and interactive crisis simulations — cater to both beginners and more advanced delegates, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all.
A Holistic Experience
We firmly believe that ILMUNC India is more than just a Model United Nations Conference. We seek to offer our delegates a holistic experience which will aid them monumentally in their future. Apart from committee sessions, ILMUNC India will have numerous career workshops discussing fields ranging from Nanotechnology to Business led by some of the brightest Penn Students and Alumni from schools such as the Wharton School of Business and the School of Engineering. Our chairs act as mentors to our delegates and often stay in contact with them for months after. We also seek to expose our delegates to the opportunities available to them in college through an extensive college fair with representation from both Indian and International colleges. Furthermore, ILMUNC India attracts some of the most knowledgeable professionals in various fields to deliver talks to our delegates. Finally, ILMUNC India also believes in providing a fun and exciting experience for our delegates through numerous social events such as Delegate Dances and Cultural Fairs. We believe in facilitating the highest quality of substantive debate, while enabling a wholesome and enriching experience for our delegates.


General Assembly
The General Assembly is the main deliberative, policymaking and representative organ of the United Nations. With every UN nation represented, the GA offers a forum for multilateral discussion of a wealth of international topics and concerns.

First Committee: Disarmament and International Security Committee
Third Committee: SOCHUM
UK House of Commons 2016

Economic and Social Council Committees and Specialized Agencies
The committees of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and Specialized make up the majority of bodies within the United Nations. One of the six principle organs of the UN, the Council orchestrates the economic and social agendas of the fourteen specialized agencies, functional commissions, and five regional commissions. This year, delegates participating in the ECOSOC organ will address global issues in a more diverse array of committees than ever before.

UN Office of Drugs and Crime
International Maritime Organization

Crisis Committees
A distinctive characteristic of ILMUNC India is its capability to consistently yield intelligent and dynamic crisis committees. Each is overseen by a chair, a crisis director, and dedicated staff members who are committed to creating an efficient and thought­provoking simulation. These crises are some of ILMUNC India’s most compelling committees; rest assured that each delegate will be challenged and tested by the fast­paced nature of their weekends.

JCC Spanish Civil War: Republicans
JCC Spanish Civil War: Nationalists
Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General

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