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About the website very briefly: It is a website wherein the pressing issues of our society have been identified, with all probable legal remedies which may be pursued, are suggested therein, followed by articulate legal drafts and procedure, check lists and various Applications, among other things.

The issues which have been covered includes: (a) Recovery of Moneys (b) Immovable property disputes (c) grievances against Municipalities & Govts., including challenge to legitimacy of laws etc. (d) grievances against illegalities and highhandedness of Police like illegal arrests, deliberately flawed investigations, etc (e) False FIRs (f) False Claims (g) False evidences (h) Illegal or perverse Orders of the Courts / Tribunals, among others, among other issues.

The benefits that may accrue using the website:

  1. a)It will make known to the user, the various legal remedies available, to a particular grievance.
  2. b)It will facilitate in checking frivolous cases.
  3. c)It may facilitate in quicker disposal of a case.
  4. d)It is free.
  5. e)Whereas litigations are terribly expensive these days, it may help in cutting litigation expenses.
  6. f)It has something unique which no other legal website has so far offered, wherein Litigation Forms are provided, which gets converted into formal Legal proceeding.


It is designed with the aim to simplify and facilitate the deliverance of Justice. It is believed that the website would be of immense utility to the entire lawyers’ fraternity.

Make a judicious use of the resource @

July 04 2017


Date: 4 July, 2017
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