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An effective technological solution necessitates a comprehensive understanding of legal, political and social landscapes. We have therefore initiated Shaastra’s maiden Moot Court Competition, to stress the significance of gauging the legal calculus while addressing the question of advancement.
Our Intellectual Property Law Moot Court aims to judiciously combine technology and law. The moot problem is based on contemporary issues pervading SAP Mobile Platforms.
We are delighted to invite you to the first edition of IIT Madras’ Moot Court.

The title sponsor for IIT Madras’ Moot Court is Surana & Surana International Attorneys. The pioneers of Moot Courts in India, they have hosted, administered and sponsored over a hundred Moot Court competitions. Surana & Surana have played a huge role in developing a moot culture in India. They will be guiding us in the administration of the event.
Our knowledge partner is Anand & Anand. With a client base of several large multinational and Indian companies, they have been ranked among the top tier intellectual property firms in Asia. They will help us draft the case and evaluate memorials prior to the event.


5th-7th January 2018

Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai

Anyone who is presently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in law is eligible to participate in the Moot Court.

Registration link:

First place: Rs. 50,000
Second place: Rs. 25,000

Best memorial: Rs. 10,000

Best speaker: Rs. 10,000

Second best speaker: Rs. 5000

Start of registration         30 September 2017
Last date for issue of clarifications            15 November 2017

Last date for Online Registration               20 November 2017

Last date for submission of memorials- Soft copy by email (both applicant and respondent) for selection of participating teams

25 November 2017

Confirmation of teams after evaluation of memorials     5 December 2017

Submission of memorials (Five Hard Copies) during Orientation 5 January 2018

Orientation         5 January 2018

Prelims/Quarters             6 January 2018

Semi-final, finals, Valediction & prize distribution              7 January 2018

Rathnika Thomas: +91 98410 16410
Dheeraj Satyavolu: +91 80192 39159


  3. Online registrations are open from 30th September 2017.  The teams must register online by 20th November 2017.  Teams will have to register online at

Teams will receive an automated system generated acknowledgement on successful submission of registration.

  1. A scanned copy of the letter from the participating college/ institution / university duly signed by any one of the following :- Faculty-in-charge of MCS/MCA, Registrar, Principal, Dean, Director, Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor confirming the names of the participants, Year / semester in which studying,  representing the college/ institution / university for the moot competition will have to be attached during the online registration process (The approval letter   shall be formatted on the letterhead of the participating institution/college/university alternatively  you may use the registration form itself as appended below as page 7  with the official seal)

iii.            Registrations without the scanned copy of the approval letter from the college/institution/ university or duly attested registration form will not be valid.

  1. Soft copies of both Applicant & Respondent Memorials must be sent to with a copy to  latest by 5.00 p.m. on 25th November 2017 for the purpose of evaluation and selection of participating teams.
  2. Confirmation of teams based on the evaluation of memorials submitted will be on or before

5th December 2017, 5:00 PM.

  1. Confirmed teams have to pay a registration fees of Rs.3000 through the Shaastra 2018 payment portal.

The following requirements for memorials must be strictly followed. Non-conformities will be penalized.

  1. Each team must prepare memorials for both parties to the dispute. The hard copies must be exact print outs of the soft copies. Non-compliance with this rule would entail disqualification.
  2. Each team must prepare memorials for both parties to the dispute. The hard copies must be exact print outs of the soft copies. Non-compliance with this rule would entail disqualification. iii. All participating teams must submit a soft copies of their memorials for both the sides by 5:00 pm on 25th November 2017.  5 hard copies of the memorials must be submitted during the orientation.
  3. The memorials have to be submitted on typed A4 size white paper and must contain:
  • The table of contents
  • The index of authorities
  • The statement of jurisdiction
  • The statement of facts (1 page only and submissions of an argumentative statement of facts would attract penalties)
  • The statement of issues
  • The summary of pleadings (not more than one page)
  • The arguments advanced (not more than fifteen pages)
  • The prayer
  1. The soft copy of the memorial for each side shall be a single file and in MS-Word. It shall correspond with the paper memorial. There should be only two word documents (All parts of each memorial must be in a single document), one for Applicant and the other for the Respondent. (Separate first page / list of abbreviations / appendix / Table of contents etc. are not allowed).
  2. The soft copy must be submitted by email to with copy marked to by 25th November 5:00 pm.

vii.          The pleadings must not exceed 15 (fifteen) pages.  The font size should be 12 and for footnotes it should be 10. Acceptable font shall be Roman or Times new Roman. Blue Book pattern should be followed.

viii.The memorial must have a margin measuring one inch on all sides of each page. Margin should be left blank ie, no margin notes, boundaries etc.

  1. The page numbering should be on the top centre of each page. The contents shall be printed on both sides of the sheets (back to back) in furtherance of environment friendly measures and objectives of the organizers.
  2. The applicant / respondent memorials must be differentiated by light blue covers for applicant and light red covers for respondent.
  3. The cover page of the memorial must state the following:
  • Title stating the same is a brief of the applicant or the respondent, as the case may be.
  • The cause title xii. Identification of any type shall not be revealed anywhere inside the memorial. The memorials should not contain the name of the participating college in any part thereof. Also, no logo or any mark of identification may be made in the memorials. Non-compliance with this rule will lead to immediate disqualification

xiii.This moot is an environment friendly moot hence use of plastic binding is prohibited. Memorials should be stapled by not more than 3 staples on the left hand side or stitched by cotton thread.

Regarding Online registration :

Dr. S. Ravichandran


Ph: 91 044 2812 0000, Fax: 91 44 2812 0001

Regarding Case:

Mr. Siddharth Aedavalli


Contact Number: +91 73820 11565

For Registration/Memorial Submission, please contact:

Ms. Rathnika Thomas

Email :

Contact Number: +91 98410 16410

For Travel related issues, please contact: 

Mr. Dheeraj Satyavolu

Email :

Contact Number : +91 80192 39159

For other queries, contact us at



November 13 2017


Date: 13 November, 2017
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