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The objective of the competition is to promote a wider understanding of international law and encourage publication of relevant and original work on the subject. A panel of family members of late Prof. R.P. Anand and eminent scholars of international law will evaluate the essays.

The winning essay entries will be published on this VCIL website after the winners have been announced for each competition. By submitting the essay the candidates are giving permission to do so. Other entries may also be published under a separate banner if deemed relevant to International Law. The participant is free to publish it elsewhere also.

Upto 4 winning Essays (or less) on International Law will be rewarded an equal amonth of Rs 1 lakh ($1500) prize money divided equally.


The theme of the Essay Competition for the year is:  GLOBAL WARMING

This may include the PAST SIGNIFICANCE AND/OR EXISTING IMPACT as well as FACTORS OF INTERNATIONAL LAW IN IMPLEMENTATION OF NEW CLIMATE CHANGE AGREEMENTS, REDUCTION OF GREENHOUSE GASES AND DEPLOYMENT OF SUSTAINABLE RENEWABLE ENERGIES BY COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD.  The dichotomy of different development goals and green house gas emissions between the “developed” and “developing” world and how International Law is helping or may help in resolving it may be part of your subject but is not required as long as it is significant to Global Warming.


The essay must be submitted by a enrolled post-graduate student of international law (LLM, MPhil or Phd), relevant to Public International Law and endorsed by a sitting permanent Law Faculty Member of the student’s university with a signed letter or direct email sent to  (A direct mobile number and email for the endorsing faculty member is required.  Endorsment is subject to verification by the Panel).

Also required for submission is a scanned copy of your student ID card and Aadhar or Pan Card as well as a scanned copy of the last transcript.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES (all requirements to be met for receiving reward money).

  1. Submissions should be sent as soft copies uploaded to the website in .doc docx format only.
  2. The deadline for submissions is 30th December of each year for each respective competition.
  3. The essay should be preceded by an abstract.
  4. The length of the essay should be between 5000 and 7500 words including footnotes. All submissions should adhere to the following requirements:
    • Font Size 12
    • Line Spacing 1.5
    • Footnote Font Size 10
    • Footnote Spacing (within footnotes) 1.0
  5. Any clarifications should be sent with the title “Essay Competition Query” to Joint submissions are not permitted.
  6. The competition is open to any post-graduate student of International Law anywhere in the world. The winners will have to submit proof of enrollment and transcripts of their post-graduate work.
  7. The author should give an undertaking that the essay sent for the competition has not been submitted for any other competition or publication.
  8. The evaluation criteria for the entries shall be as follows but not limited to these:
  • Originality and insights on the subject and it’s relevance to the theme.
  • Quality of research
  • Structure and Clarity and Potential for Problem Solving
  • Quality of endorsement by a permanent teaching or research faculty member of International Law
  • Academic record of the student especially in the post graduate program
  • recommendations or information on the student received from other independent sources which may remain confidential

Upto 5 winners would be announced within 30 days after final submission or sooner.   The prize money of Rs 1 lakh will be divided among the candidates deemed winners by the panel. The decision of the Panel shall be final and binding on all the participants and cannot be challenged.  A certain degree of subjective judgement is involved in evaluating each entry. The competition may be cancelled or deferred by the Panel if deemed necessary due to quality or quantity of entries. (A MINIMUM OF 5 QUALIFIED ENTRIES WILL BE EXPECTED OR THE ENTRIES MAY BE DEFERRED TO THE NEXT SESSION). The candidates by submitting the essay has agreed to allow permanent publication of the essay on this website. ( and any other related websites.

The award prize and a certificate would be sent to the winning participants directly through electronic means.  (There will be no participation certificate for non-winning participants).  The winning essay entries will also be published on the website along with the non-winning entries.


Please provide these details on a separate page (or upload to the website) and not in the text of the essay:  (A new submission form will be created shortly to allow this information to be entered online).

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Address
  4. E-mail
  5. Details of a Professor of International Law who is endorsing your essay.  We recommend you only seek endorsements of faculty from your own university.  A signed document or direct email with details will be required from the professor on the essay submitted.  This information should be directly verifiable with contact details including phone number and address.
  6. Relevant documents pertaining to your post-graduate admission in International Law.
  7.   Transcript, photograph, scanned copy of student id of post graduate program candidate is enrolled in.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: December 15th, 2017.

RESULTS: Results will be announced January 30th, 2018 or earlier.


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December 15 2017


Date: 15 December, 2017
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