Workshop on Rural Development by Sahaj Foundation, Himachal Pradesh [Aug 12-16]

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The present world is aggressively talking about development. Be it the social media, corporate board meetings, government panels, public forums or international dialogues, everywhere ‘Development’ has taken the center-stage, making people come up with innovative ideas, inclusive frameworks, diverse teams and multi-dimensional strategies to solve age-old as well as newly found problems.
More and more people are now thinking beyond their individual selves to participate in the whole social process of solving human challenges across the world. There are now people who volunteer on weekends, and there are people who have dedicated their whole lives for the betterment. Though the transition is extraordinary, it also comes with its limitations if proper ‘preparation’ is not done before ‘action’.
‘प्रश्न विकास का’ is a dialogue meticulously designed for asking all these questions one by one in rural context and for reflecting on them collectively, both while being in a circle and while being on-field talking to villagers about their life experiences. On one hand, the dialogues shall try to find new answers to its central questions, and on the other, the dialogue shall also try to re-evaluate the direction of development we have taken so far as a society.
Those who wish to work or who are already working for the development of the villages in India in any field such as Education, Livelihood, Health, Technology etc. Also, please keep in mind that this dialogue shall focus on ‘Why should we develop our villages?’ and not on ‘How should we execute our ideas?’. Therefore, this Dialogue shall not be an appropriate platform to talk about fundraising, execution, marketing, team building etc.
Rs 4,000 per participant. The cost covers program charges, basic dormitory accommodation, food and local travel expenses during the Dialogue.
Note: Selected Participants shall have to submit a non-refundable deposit of Rs 2,000 each in order to secure their space in the dialogue. The remaining 50% of the cost may be submitted during the course of the dialogue.
Ashish Arora (, Phone: +91 88948 93083.
OFFICIAL SITE:–a-dialogue-on-rural-development.html

July 17 2017


Date: 17 July, 2017
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